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  1. Remove the axle and freehub body using this guide: Generation 2 axle - TRSr/TRS+/LG1+ rear hub axle install and removal
  2. Using the e*13 bearing service tool, insert the bearing removal tool in though the drive side bearing
    • Using the e*13 bearing service tool, insert the bearing removal tool in though the drive side bearing

    • Each bearing has two cut outs on the back side, this is where the removal tool will sit

    • Sight down through the hub to properly align the bearing removal tool, it can help to use a flashlight

    • With the wings of the bearing removal tool set in the slots behind the bearing, insert the press rod, threaded rod and handle through the hub

    • On the opposite side, place the bearing removal cup and other tool handle

    • Make sure all pieces are aligned and tighten the handles. This will press the bearing out of the hub shell in to the bearing removal cup

    • Repeat the previous steps with the other bearing

    • Angular contact bearings are only supported on one side by the bearing race, as a result they must be pressed in and out using only the outer race

    • Now let's reinstall the bearings

    • Angular contact bearings must be installed in the correct direction. One side of the bearing should have a thicker inner race than the other, this side will face out from the center of the hub

    • You can also use the bearing seal cover color to determine the direction, the green seal should face out, the black seal should face in towards the center of the hub

    • To install bearings, start by installing the disc side bearing

    • Insert the black bearing centering tool into the bearing tool

    • Slide the bearing over the bearing press tool

    • Slide the other bearing press tool into the drive side bearing bore

    • Tighten the tool handles to press the bearing in

    • Be sure the bearing presses in straight

    • Repeat the previous steps to press in the drive side bearing

    • Be sure to install the drive side bearing using the bearing centering tool


Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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