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  1. Remove the Freehub lockring
    • Remove the Freehub lockring

  2. Loosen the non-driveside endcap by turning counter clockwise using cone wrenches
    • Loosen the non-driveside endcap by turning counter clockwise using cone wrenches

    • Remove the non-drive endcap

    • Slide the steel axle out of the drive side of the hub

    • Be careful not to dislodge the freehub body

    • Remove the freehub spacer.

      • Note: this spacer is not used with the XX1 freehub body

      • Note: This spacer may be black or gold in color

    • Remove the freehub body

      • Be careful not to lose any of the pawls or the pawl springs

    • Remove the freehub shim

      • This is a thin washer. Be careful as sometimes this can stick to the inside of the freehub body or the bearing spacer

    • Next, slide the freehub spacer onto the axle.

      • Install the spacer so the flat side is against the bearing and the tapered side is facing out from the hub

      • Note: This spacer is not used with the XX1 compatible XD driver

    • Install the freehub body into the axle

    • Slide the freehub shim onto the axle after the freehub body

    • You should now have the axle, freehub spacer (not used with the XD driver), freehub body and freehub shim installed on the axle.

    • Slide the axle assembly into the freehub spacer and hub shell

    • Turn the freehub body counter-clockwise to compress the pawls into the ratchet ring in the hub shell

    • For information on lube and service for the freehub body please see our freehub service instructions

    • flip the hub over and install the non-drive endcap

    • Tighten the endcap using cone wrenches by turning clockwise

    • Put one drop of freehub oil on the rubber dust seal and install the freehub dust seal lockring


Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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