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  1. Welcome to the single ring guide picker
    • Welcome to the single ring guide picker

    • Single ring guides are best organized by the available mounting on your frame

      • For ISCG mounted guides, check out the LG1 and TRS guides. These guides offer direct mount bashguards

      • For bikes with specific derailleur mounts, check out the TRS D-type and E-type guides

      • And for bikes with Seat-tube or threaded BBs, check out the XCX guides

  2. If you have ISCG or ISCG05 tabs on your bike, you have plenty of options
    • If you have ISCG or ISCG05 tabs on your bike, you have plenty of options

    • For DH, we recommend The LG1 family of guides. We offer these in multiple levels and all offer bash protection and a lower roller for added security

    • For trail and enduro riding, the new TRS+ guide is a great choice. It offers upper guidance and a direct mount bashguard for added protection. You can also remove the bash guard if you choose

    • If your bike uses a E-type or D-type front derailleur mount, the TRS+ E-type and TRS+ D-type may be your only option for a guide, but they are designed to work specifically with these derailleur mounting standards

    • XCX guides are designed to be our lightest weight XC chainguides

    • They forego bash protection for weight savings

    • Their fit follows front derailleur standards

    • They use the upper slider from our legendary LG1+ chainguide

    • Chainline (CL) is adjustable from 50-53mm in most cases

    • We also make a Cyclocross specific XCX guide (named the XCXCX of course) with a road specific CL (this guide is covered on its own on page 9)

    • For D-type or E-type mounting, check out our TRS guides

    • When picking an XCX guide, you will need to know two things

      • How your front derailleur is normally attached to your bike

      • If your cranks will work within the specified chainline of the guide

    • We offer two different seat tube mounted XCX guides

      • The high clamp version for frames that use a bottom swing derailleur

      • The low clamp version for frames that use a top swing derailleur

    • Both seat tube mounted guides come with shims for the clamp to fit 28.6, 31.8 or 34.9 seat tube diameters

    • These shims also act as cams that allow the guides to be adjusted from a 50-53mm chainline by rotating the cam

    • The BB mount version of the XCX mounts under the bottom bracket.

    • Chainline is adjustable from 49-50mm using the included BB spacers

      • Due to the mounting of this guide the chainline adjustment is going to be more limited than a seat tube mounted guide, so in general we recommend those for ease of setup

    • For cyclocross bikes we offer the XCX CX

    • Chainline is adjustable from 39.5-42.5mm using the cam built into the seat tube shim and is designed around the 39t position of a traditional road bike crankset

    • Comes with shims to fit 28.6,31.6 and 34.9mm seat tube diameters


Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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