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  1. Clean your workbench and lay out the parts from your e*thirteen TRS+ 12s Upgrade Kit.
    • Clean your workbench and lay out the parts from your e*thirteen TRS+ 12s Upgrade Kit.

      • Note that all required tools for the 12s upgrade are included with the TRS+ 12s Kit. This includes the following: shifter assembly fixture (aka the claw), 2.5, 3, 4, 5mm hex keys, T25 Torx bit, SQ2 bit and bit holder.

    • Put your bike in a work stand and perform the following steps:

      • Shift the bike into it's hardest gear. Push the derailleur cage forward and lock in place.

      • Remove the following items from the bike, clean thoroughly and set aside: 11s rear shifter, rear shifter cable and housing, rear wheel, chain and rear derailleur.

      • Remove the cassette from the rear wheel.

  2. Identify and set aside parts and tools you will need for the 12s ratchet install on your XX1™ Shifter
    • Identify and set aside parts and tools you will need for the 12s ratchet install on your XX1™ Shifter

    • Using the 3mm hex key, remove the cap screw located in the center of the cap. Remove the cover from the shifter and set the parts aside.

    • Click the release lever to verify the shifter is in the hardest gear, then remove the old shift cable from the shifter.

    • Remove the wound shifter spring by gently unseating the extended unwound portion and pulling it out from under the retaining tab on the spool.

    • Identify the correct ratchet for your system. The XX1™ ratchet has 2 dots. (X1™/GX™/XO1™ ratchet has 1 dot and will not be used)

    • Lightly grease and assemble the new e*thirteen 12 speed spool onto the ratchet. Match the features on the ratchet with the features on the spool and snap into place.

    • Insert the new main screw so that the ratchet is facing downward.

    • Assemble the 1/4 hex and bit holder that came with your kit. Insert the SQ2 bit and note the location on the underside of the shifter where it will be used

    • Insert the SQ2 bit into the underside of the shifter while cradling it in your hand as shown in the photo.

    • While cradling the shifter, use the 3mm hex to fully back the screw out in the middle of the stock 11s spool.

    • Remove the spool and continue to cradle the shifter with the same hand position.

      • It's important to continue to hold the shifter in the method shown with the SQ2 bit in place to avoid the lower assembly from coming apart

    • Place the new 12 speed spool and ratchet on the shifter with the ratchet face down, fully flush and with the cable stop entrance pointing towards the loop in the outer spring.

    • Insert the new 3mm screw that came with your kit and tighten down to 2nm or stop + 30 degrees.

    • Ensure that the spool and ratchet are in their fully released position by clicking the small shifter paddle while manually turning the spool & ratchet assembly clockwise.

    • Reinstall the spring by first setting the protruding pawl into the hole in the spool and then setting in place the unwound section in the catch and stop near the barrel adjuster.

    • Using a finger, gently push the inner coil of the spring over the retaining lip on the spool.

    • Install the new cable provided with your kit by threading it thru the cable stop location on the spool.

    • Test function of the install by shifting the large paddle thru the gears and then the small paddle to return to the fully relaxed ratchet position.

      • It may be necessary to add a slight amount of tension to the cable while shifting back down to the resting position of the spool. This is normal and replicates the tension created by the derailleur return spring.

    • When function is confirmed, move forward with the cassette install, derailleur pulley spacer install or adjusting your derailleur if those steps have already been completed.


Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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