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[title] Troubleshooting
[* icon_note] Did you inspect or replace your shift housing and cable? This is a common source of shifting issues, don't sleep on it!
[* icon_note] Check Derailleur hanger is straight: 12s systems are very sensitive to misalignment between components - if you cannot solve shifting/noise issues with the barrel adjuster, have your derailleur hanger checked using a Park Tool DAG, Shimano® TL-RD11, or other derailleur hanger checking tool. Straighten as necessary
[* icon_note] If using a Shimano® Chain: Shift quality in the largest sprockets is heavily affected by b-limit screw adjustment. If you are experiencing issues upshifting from the aluminum sprockets, adjust the b-limit screw out (counter-clockwise) to move the upper derailleur pulley towards the cassette. Adjust ¼ turn at a time then test shifting.
[* icon_note] Remember that b-limit adjustment is affected by suspension sag, so even if shifting is great in the stand, your setup will change somewhat with you sitting on the bike, so b-limit setup may need to be dialed out to account for suspension sag.

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