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[* black] Our TRS line of dual (2x) ring guides will fit both standard doubles and wide chainline double cranks
[* black] Standard doubles are essentially converted triple cranks missing the big ring, sometimes a bash is used in the big ring position. These cranks have a 51mm chainline as measured to the center of the bigger of the two rings
[* icon_reminder] ''All e*thirteen cranks are standard doubles''
[* black] Wide doubles, that is 2x cranks with a wider chainline that are double specific are typically 53mm to the middle of the outer ring with no bash mounting position (both Sram and Shimano now offer these cranks)
[* black] For ISCG mounted guides spacers are use to adjust the chainline of the guide
[* black] For BB mounted guides we offer both a standard and wide backplate to fit the two chainlines

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