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Start by making sure you are using the correct guide for your application: TRS dual ring guide picker
  • Start by making sure you are using the correct guide for your application: TRS dual ring guide picker

  • This how-to guide will cover the ISCG mount version of the guide

  • TRS+ dual guides are not designed to be used with an ISCG adapter, so if you need to BB mount your guide just use the proper backplate

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Remove your guide from the package
  • Remove your guide from the package

  • ISCG guides come with two sets of ISCG bolts and a selection of spacers, use the longest bolts your frame will allow

  • Remove your cranks from the bike

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  • Install the guide on the bike

  • Start with the 2.5mm ISCG spacers under the guide

    • Install the ISCG bolts and spacers

    • Just lightly tighten the bolts for now

  • Loosen the bolt on the lower slider and swing the lower slider open

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  • Adjust the lower slider to the position that matches the size of your big chainring

    • This guide is set-up in the 38t position

  • Release the lower slider by lifting the tab on the back of the slider and pulling the bottom of the slider out

  • Adjust the slider, then clip it back onto the backplate, be sure the slider nut is properly aligned with the hole in the slider

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  • Slide the cranks back into the drive side BB cup and close the lower slider

  • tighten the slider bolt to 0.5nm

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  • Sight down the back of the bike and check the chainrings to make sure they are properly aligned with the lower roller

  • Use the ISCG bolt spacers to adjust the guide until the roller is centered

  • Remove the cranks and tighten the BB to manufacturers torque spec

  • Reinstall the cranks per manufacturers recommendations

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  • Check derailleur function and alignment before riding

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Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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