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  1. Remove the cap on the outside of the pedal
    • Remove the cap on the outside of the pedal

    • Insert a flat blade screwdriver and twist the cap 90 degrees

    • With the cap turned 90 degrees, pull the tabs away from the pedal

  2. Insert the M6 hex on the axle into a hex wrench clamped in a vise for easier servicing
    • Insert the M6 hex on the axle into a hex wrench clamped in a vise for easier servicing

    • Insert a T25 Torx wrench into the spin control screw

    • Turn counter-clockwise to loosen the screw

    • Remove the screw

    • The Spin Control knob can often be loosened by hand, if not, it can be loosened by turning counter-clockwise with a 10mm box wrench

    • Remove the Spin Control knob

    • Remove the silver washer under the Spin Control knob

      • Newer pedals will no longer use this washer, so if you don't see it, don't worry

    • Remove the pre-load wedge from the pedal body by pulling the axle part way out, turning it slightly, then pushing it back in to push the wedge out of the pedal body

    • Remove the wedge

    • Remove the axle

    • Clean the Igus bearings and bearing seats with denatured alcohol

    • The dust seals can be removed from the axle and Spin Control knob and cleaned or replaced

    • A pick can be used to help remove the seals

    • Install the seals on the Spin Control knob and axle and lightly grease using Rock and Roll Super Web Grease

    • Do not grease the axle or Igus bearings before installing the axle

    • The Igus bearings are self lubricating and do not need any lube to function properly

    • Before installing the axle, install the preload wedge on the axle, note the flats on the axle and the hash marks on the pre-load wedge

    • You will need to align the pre-load wedge to properly fit onto these flats once the axle is in the pedal

    • Install the axle into the pedal

    • Note where the flats in the axle are

    • Install the pre-load wedge and slide down onto the axle flats

    • The hash mark in the axle will be perpendicular to the flats on the axle

    • Install the washer over the pre-load wedge

    • Put the pedal back onto the hex wrench in the vise

    • Install the Spin Control knob

    • Adjust the spin speed of the pedal by tightening or loosening the Spin control knob using the 10mm hex wrench

    • Once you are happy with spin, tighten the T25 Torx while holding the Spin Control knob with the 10mm box wrench


Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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