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  1. Start by choosing the correct width tape for your rims.
    • Start by choosing the correct width tape for your rims.

      • For 21mm internal width rims use 25mm wide tape.

      • For 24mm internal width rims use 28mm wide tape.

      • For 27mm and 28mm internal width rims use 30mm wide tape.

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  2. Thoroughly clean your rims with denatured alcohol.
    • Thoroughly clean your rims with denatured alcohol.

    • If your rim has been taped before, be sure to remove any pieces of old tape or adhesive.

    • Make sure the rims are clean and dry before taping.

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    • Begin taping about 10cm from the valve hole; you will cover the valve hole as soon as you start taping.

    • Press the first 10cm of tape down into the rim valley to make sure it is well attached to the rim.

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    • Now add some tension to the tape - it will stretch slightly to allow for easier application.

    • Continue taping the rim, keeping the tape tight and making sure it is centered in the rim.

    • Cover the rim with two layers of tape, stop once you have passed the valve stem for the third time (this means a short area over the valve hole with have three layers of tape).

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    • As you get near the valve hole for the last time, cut the tape so it covers 10cm past the valve hole.

    • Without stretching the tape, apply it to the rim and press it firmly into the rim valley.

    • Using your finger or a plastic tire lever, carefully go around the rim pressing the tape down firmly into the tire bead and rim bed to make sure the tape is sticking properly.

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    • Using an awl or other pointy instrument, carefully poke a hole in the tape at the valve hole location.

    • The hole should be slightly smaller than the valve as the tape will stretch around the valve.

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