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  1. A couple important facts before we get started:
    • A couple important facts before we get started:

      • ISCG adapters are for use with single ring chainguides only, do not use with dual ring guides

      • Your cranks must have at least a 50mm chainline to work with and ISCG adapter. If your cranks have a narrower chainline the ISCG adapter will not work.

      • ISCG adapters are for use with BSA threaded bottom brackets only. They will not work with pressfit BBs

    • Remove your bottom bracket cup and install the adapter, replacing the 2.5mm spacer that is closest to the frame. If there is only one spacer, replace it.

    • If there is no spacer, contact your crank and bottom bracket manufacturer

    • Be sure the flat side of the adapter is facing outward

    • Remove all grease from the mounting face of the adapter; this will help to keep it from spinning on impact

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  2. Clock the adapter such that the upper bolt hole is in the one o’clock position
    • Clock the adapter such that the upper bolt hole is in the one o’clock position

    • Tighten the BB to manufacturers torque spec

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    • Fit the guide over the BB cup and onto the ISCG tabs

    • For ISCGold tabs you will need to remove the BB to fit the backplate over the BB in most cases

    • Install the upper ISCG fixing bolt, just hand tighten for now

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    • Using the provided ISCG washers between the backplate and the ISCG adapter, position the guide such that the seam on the upper slider and the lower roller are centered on the chainring

    • The same number of spacers should be used under each of the three mounting bolts

    • If using more than 2mm of spacers, use the longer bolts

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    • Clock the guide such that the upper slider is at 11-12 o’clock position, you may need to loosen the BB and adjust the ISCG adapter to achieve the proper clocking

    • Remember that if you have a longer travel bike the guide will rotate slightly as the bike run through its travel, you can see on this V10 that we have the guide closer to 12 o'clock to protect the lower roller

    • On bikes with dropped chainstays such as the Intense 951, frame interference may force the guide into incorrect clocking, this will make the lower roller more prone to impacts

    • Tighten ISCG bolts to 6nm

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Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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