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  1. BB30 frames should have a inner diameter of 42mm
    • BB30 frames should have a inner diameter of 42mm

    • The BB30 BB is the same for XCX, TRS and LG1 cranks as well as all legacy models

    • BB30 BBs work with 68mm and 73mm wide BB shells

    • Start by measuring your BB shell and choosing the correct number of spacers to use between the BB and the frame using the chart

  2. Grease the center threads of the BB
    • Grease the center threads of the BB

    • Refer to and follow your frame manufacturers specifications regarding the use of grease on the inside of the BB shell.

      • In general we recommend grease, but some carbon frames may not be compatible with it.

    • Thread the BB together making sure that the cups and any needed spacers are centered before tightening

    • Using an e*thirteen BB tool, a 10mm hex bit and a torque wrench, tighten the BB to 34nm

    • Using the chart, determine the number of spindle spacers needed for your BB shell width and spindle

    • DH cranks such as the LG1 use a bit longer spindle than XC cranks so be sure to use the proper number of spacers

    • Lightly grease the crank spindle and install the appropriate spacers on the drive and non-drive side of the spindle

      • In this case we are installing LG1 cranks so spindle spacers are needed


Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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