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  1. Start by installing the correct size bash guard for your chainring size
    • Start by installing the correct size bash guard for your chainring size

      • The smallest guard fits 28-30t chain rings

      • The middle guard fits 32-34t chain rings

      • The biggest guard fits 36-38t chain rings

    • Tighten the fixing screws to 0.9N*m using a T25 Torx wrench

  2. Start by opening upper slider
    • Start by opening upper slider

      • Open the metal clip on the upper slider

      • Flip the clip open

      • Release the latch and rotate open the upper slider

    • Remove cranks from the bike

    • Install the guide onto your frame or ISCG adapter (if one is needed) using the supplied T25 screws

      • It is recommended to use the longest screws possible to provide the strongest connection to the frame - two lengths are provided

    • Lightly tighten the screws until the backplate is snug against the frame

    • Slide the cranks back into the BB and re-install per manufacturer’s recommendations

    • Sight down the front of the guide to check if the guide is centered over the chain ring

    • If needed, use the provided ISCG05 C-spacers or washers to move the guide out from the frame until it is centered over the guide

      • It may be necessary to remove the cranks to adjust the guide. However, in many cases it is possible to reach a T25 torx wrench through the chain ring to tighten and loosen the ISCG mounting screws.

      • If using the C-spacers, removing the middle screw will make adjustments easier, just remember to replace it once you are satisfied with the guide placement!

    • When the guide is centered over the chain ring, rotate the guide such that the upper slider fixing bolt is in the 12 o’clock position

    • Tighten the ISCG mounting screws to 6N*m using a torque wrench

    • Install the chain onto the chain ring

    • Close the upper slider and clip the latch closed


Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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