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  1. In this guide we discuss three potential issues with the EX cog
    • In this guide we discuss three potential issues with the EX cog

    • Skipping (skip ahead to step 2)

    • Upshift and/or downshift problems (skip ahead to step 3)

    • EX cog interference with hub shell or spokes (skip ahead to step 4)

  2. Skipping
    • Skipping

    • We recommend following the steps below to diagnose and repair a skipping problem

      • Check your derailleur function to be sure the high limit screw is properly adjusted and that the derailleur is indexing properly. For help with that, check out our derailleur adjustment guide

      • Check the B-limit screw. If the B-limit screw is too far from the cassette it can cause shifting/skipping problems. Check out our set-up guides for Shimano and Sram how to properly adjust a B-limit screw

      • Check your chain for wear and/or sticky links

      • Check your chain length. If chains are too short it can affect the function of the derailleur, especially on full suspension bikes and with Sram rear derailleurs

      • Check derailleur for wear in links

      • Still having problems? Drop us a line at

    • Upshift/downshift problems

    • Check cables and housing for wear and make sure they are clean and smooth

    • Check that derailleur limit screws are properly adjusted

    • Check for bent derailleur hangar. Since we are turning the B-limit screw out, a bent derailleur hangar may have a greater affect on the system

    • Still having problems? Drop us a line at

    • Ex Cog hitting spokes or hub flange

    • With certain hub or wheel designs, the EX Cog may be very close to the spokes or hub flange, or even interfere with them.

    • Add 0.5mm spacer under cassette – be sure to check the cassette locking for adequate thread penetration into the free hub body (your local bike shop can help with this if you are unsure)

    • In certain rare cases a 1mm spacer may also need to be added under the rear derailleur. This depends on frame design and may be needed if derailleur limit screws are reaching their maximum due the extra 0.5mm spacer

    • Still having problems? Drop us a line at


Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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