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  1. Open your wheel box
    • Open your wheel box

    • Inside you will find a small rectangular box and some extra spokes

  2. Pull out the wheel and remove the packaging
    • Pull out the wheel and remove the packaging

    • Remove the freehub cap

    • Open the axle box

    • In it you will find your hub axle, a tube of freehub grease and a pair of axle wrenches. For LG1 wheels you will find a set of 150mm endcap plugs

    • First, make sure the non-drive endcap seal is seated on the endcap as shown

    • Next, check the rubber pawl protector and make sure it is compressing all the pawls

    • Also check for the freehub shim, this will sit between the freehub and the hub body

    • Remove the non-drive side endcap and slide the axle into the hub

    • Make sure the freehub shim is sandwiched between the freehub body and the black tube that protrudes from the main hub body

    • Pull the tab on the rubber ring, the ring will split at the slit and slide off the freehub body

    • Make sure the axle is fully seated in the hub shell and that the pawls are ratcheting properly

    • Thread on the non-drive side endcap

    • Using the tools provided or a pair of cone wrenches, tighten the axle to snug plus 60 degrees. The non-drive preload nut should be SNUG.

    • We recommend checking the axle torque after the first couple rides


Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!

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